We present:

Oil Spill Cleaner OSC F7

The Oil Spill Cleaner OSC F7 is based on a Fuso Canter/Euro 6. It has proved itself in numerous fields of applications and so evolved into our standard model.

Vehicle Data:

Vehicle Fuso Canter / EURO 6
Vehicle type 110 KW (150 PS)
3500 U/min
Type of drive 4x2
Mechanical gears 5 forward gears 1
reverse gear
Hydrostatic transmission OMSI HT100
Total height 3240 mm
Total width 2100 mm
Total length 6200 mm
Wheelbase 2800 mm
Front axle load 3100 kg
Rear axle load 6000 kg
Unladen weight 4910 kg
Total weight 7500 kg
Payload 2590 kg

High-Pressure Vacuum Cleaning Technology

Combination tank made of fibre optic cable
Fresh water volume 2000 litres
Wastewater volume 2500 litres
High-pressure pump 1 unit
Approx. 32 litres / 200 Bar / min.
Suction turbine 1 unit
Approx. 7500 m^3/h
Vacuum performance approx. 120 mbar
Water consumption max. 3 x 10 litres/min
Cleaning width max. 1500 mm
Hot water 2 burners with 90 KW heating capacity each
Max. 18 litres hot water per burner at
approx. 80 – 90°
Fuel consumption approx. 6.62 litres per hour each
Cleaning hood two-chamber rotor hood steplessly moveable in front of the vehicle, up to 200 mm beyond the vehicle width
Technical changes reserved. All information is subject to change as from 01/2015